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In JTA I learned about Love

     131 days I have been embarked on a journey away from any aspect of life I would classify under “usual”.

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3 Personal Commandments 

      defining values through personal principles

1. Quality life over quantity. Measure life not in figures and numbers, but in happiness and love. 

Growing up, expectations and fulfillment seem to be measured in numbers as we often hear: “How much is your salary?” “How many stocks have you bought?" only to realize that increasing fixation over figures may manipulate the real essence of fulfilled living and of human growth.

Remember that “L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." ("One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”) - The Little Prince

2. Do it now while leaving no compromise on quality.

Finish tasks and goals and leave a room for reward once your tasks are finished. Put your eye and determination on your goal, and leave no room for mediocrity. Only then can you obtain results that truly satisfies you.

3. Practice Limitation.

Human beings have a characteristic of impermanence and humbly accepting death perceives a new form joy. Practice a mind set of limitation and see that your habits and treatment to others with change for the better.

Photo 2013 Bern, Switzerland

What will you do if you stopped believing in yourself?

When memories of concealed doubt and failure reappear or what you have hoped for and gave every effort for lead up in failure.

You can say, “stand up" "its not over


what will you do if you simply stopped believing?

The chain of events and predictability has been apparent.”

Will you lose?


our capacity to love ourselves is overshadowed by crisis and faults that we become a face of fear and agony. Of ugliness and shame. 

But what if…

there will be a person who will take your hand? Or give you a warm embrace?

someone approaches you and whisper that soon, everything will get better?

It may be through a simple action, a word, that gives you that glimmer of hope that eases the thoughts that appear every night in the depth of your insecurities and fragility. 

And tells you, I still love you, for who you are.

Accepting your flaws, and still claim to see beauty within you that overshadows all your flaws. Someone who still believes in you, even though you doubt yourself.

What will you do?

It’s hard for me to say the things
I want to say sometimes
There’s no one here but you and me
And that broken old street light

Lock the doors
We’ll leave the world outside
All I’ve got to give to you
Are these five words when I

Thank you for loving me
For being my eyes when I couldn’t see for
Parting my lips when I couldn’t breathe
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for loving me

I never knew I had a dream
Until that dream was you
When I look into your eyes
The sky’s a different blue

Cross my heart
I wear no disguise
If I tried, you’d make believe
That you believed my lies

Forever grateful to the sun that shines.

Orleans, France

November 2013

Welcome to Belgium!

"What’s wrong Jimmy?"

"It’s their eyes, mother.

Eyes tell what the lips can’t speak.

The expression of the expressionless and the veil of doubt in every assurance.”

Flashback: Brooklyn bridge NY 2012

Travel Gear 101:

My forever reliable and comfortable Paladium convertible shoes, outdoor water bottle, Diesel travel pouch and a camera.

A nineteen year old with a red backpack, a 3 foot travel luggage, a psychedelic scarf from Loise and a Paolo Coelho book from Ara. For the first time, it will be a long journey for 4 and a half months away from the tropical breeze of the Philippines.

It’s been almost a month since I left, and as cliche as it may sound, it seems that this JTA adventure is just beginning. Every day is a charm on its own. A story of uncertainty and fascination.

Bonjour europe! Bonjour France! I’m looking forward to spending more days in this beautiful place!

Stopover: Singapore

Gardens. Free movies. Great airport!

I once met this kid whom I communicated with through art. His masterpiece, a drawing of a raccoon, is still in my notebook - a reminder that language is not a barrier to communication.

Japan. 2012.

Bangkok, Thailand. 2012.

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1. They are appreciative. 

You may notice if a person is an artist by the way they look at things. Being visual people, it’s only natural for them to spend time observing on just about anything. They often see paradise on the simplest of things. Be a note on the wall, a dew drop on fresh morning flowers, they never fail to miss out on the small things.

2. They have exemplary taste.

Artists may be visual people, but they engage beyond visual elements. They obtain inspiration from music, films, culture etc. and are passionate about these things. Get to know them more and expect a quality collection ready to impress you. 

3. They are full of surprises.

It’s never a dull weather with a creative person! You can go for hours just laughingwith them.

They can be silly and laugh at things that doesn’t have to make sense. Their impulsive attacks can create quite a charmer within them. They always try to go beyond normal, because well, they are artist! 

4. They are not materialistic

Even though artists spend time acquiring inspiration and admiring from the world, they have a perspective that is not grounded on material possessions. They value solitude, abstraction and beauty. 

5. They are honest

Artists may be the most eccentric people you may encounter, but an artist’s affection is not tainted. They go against norms and stand for what they believe in. They stand for: ”Your work must please your eyes, not others.” They stay true to themselves and they don’t try to please other people.

6. They treasure memories.

Artists love visual objects to keep valued experiences and memories. They make sure to keep all photos, gifts and other memorabilia with them. Observe their rooms and viola!

7. They offer the best gifts.

Artists can give their work as an expression of their love or if not, they can come up with an out-of-the-box idea just to make you feel the happiest person aliveArtists express their feelings by what they create and surely, their gifts are composed of humble affections. An artist can make you feel your worth by giving you some of their best artworks or effort-full token - unique, original, and only for you.

8. They invest in time and effort.

Artists spend hours creating something from an empty canvas that may be not turn out to be their masterpiece but they still place a superb amount of time and effort. You can see it in their eyes that they work with a goal in mind.

9. They make the most of what they have.

You may give an artist a bag full of what most people consider as garbage but he can still turn it to a piece of art. Artists acknowledge imperfections and transform them into something beautiful.

And lastly, 

10. they are devoted to what they love.

It’s easy to tell if an artist is committed. They become loyal to what or who they are passionate about. So once an artist confess love, don’t doubt!

A man at a crossroad befriended time 

bid farewell to eastern sky

not a glace, not a trace

moved on with a smile on his face