Let’s walk around past midnight when everyone’s fast asleep

let’s take a trip down to nowhere and hold hands with bottles of beer

let’s talk about nothingness and laugh under the stars’ glimmering eyes

let’s talk about sorrows like we’ve never forgotten them and let’s heal them one by one with each other’s faint smiles

let’s listen to radio music beating songs from our youth

let’s both create a world that will disappear at 5 o’clock when the roosters have started greeting and when the sun rose its body among the sea of clouds

let’s look at each other’s dried eyes and cigarette smothered lips

and stare at which we oddly have become

a perfect combination of miserable and lonely

loosely holding on to fainted, daunted, and tainted reality.

Hello Mr. Piglet


Hello, Road to Nowhere


Forgotten Summer

It was a strange morning. A dream woke her up earlier than expected. And in her dream, she was in the arms of a man she knew. It almost felt so tangible: his arms around her, her head against his chest, on a quiet night of solitude, peacefully resting on each other’s arms. Only, questions in her somnolent mind: why that man? A man of her least expectations - a man she barely talked to in the studio.

She pictured him in her mind again and nodded, “it was certainly a dream”. How could she have forgotten?

It had been a flight of vagueness. Stealing lines, stealing stares, and flashing sly and timid smiles. Glimpses and questions. “Join me?”. Playful strokes and nudges envelopes a game for amusement. Another eyes were set on them. This time it was on him for he is graced with charm as pleasant as his speech. She knew and all the while they will sail apart.

That night she watched the sea. She slowly closed her eyes and focused on the breeze and the rhythm of the waves. Slowly, she felt someone’s presence drawing near. It was him.
He sat beside her gazing towards the dark horizon. They were both under the spell of the night. Slowly, the warmth of their skin touched. Elbows touching and heads well rested on each other. No verbal expressions uttered, it was only left to the soft whispering breeze of the ocean. 

It could be that at that night, or, it could be that at that moment that they were both thinking of the same thing.

Wishing under the stars for the exact same thought, only they never knew.

Once upon a dream it was, once upon a night.

In JTA I learned about Love


In JTA I learned about Love

     131 days I have been embarked on a journey away from any aspect of life I would classify under “usual”.

3 Personal Commandments 

      defining values through personal principles

1. Quality life over quantity. Measure life not in figures and numbers, but in happiness and love. 

Growing up, expectations and fulfillment seem to be measured in numbers as we often hear: “How much is your salary?” “How many stocks have you bought?" only to realize that increasing fixation over figures may manipulate the real essence of fulfilled living and of human growth.

Remember that “L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux." ("One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”) - The Little Prince

2. Do it now while leaving no compromise on quality.

Finish tasks and goals and leave a room for reward once your tasks are finished. Put your eye and determination on your goal, and leave no room for mediocrity. Only then can you obtain results that truly satisfies you.

3. Practice Limitation.

Human beings have a characteristic of impermanence and humbly accepting death perceives a new form joy. Practice a mind set of limitation and see that your habits and treatment to others with change for the better.

Photo 2013 Bern, Switzerland

Orleans, France

November 2013

Welcome to Belgium!